Studio Bellandi & Petri is a professional association working in the systems design area since 1974.
Our founders, Engineers Ivano Bellandi and Luigi Petri, are currently supported by seven employees dedicated to various high technology sectors.
The firm's services consist of analysis, advice and assistance in designing, realizing and using technological systems in the field of building construction, management of production systems, fire prevention, and consultation in acoustics.
We have a large client base in both the public and private sectors, including municipal and provincial administrations, manufacturing companies and sanitation plants.


The firm was one of the first in its field to qualify for the CSQ certificate, UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, Managing Systems for Quality, and constantly strives to excel in providing quality service to its clients.

We have a thirty-year commitment to provide punctual and accurate personnel and high quality technological tools.
We seek constantly to improve that guaranty, not to meet, but to exceed the high expectations of our valued and faithful clients.

Thirty-five years later

Decades are natural markers of time, so it is natural that we take this opportunity to mark our thirty-five years in business. As we reflected on our years in business twenty years ago, ten years ago, and now . . . we have been of course surprised at how quickly the years have passed, almost without noticing.
And yet, time has not passed without trials and challenges, as well as opportunities to grow, to learn, and to build a successful business. We had a dream, but looking in the past, we would never have imagined world so vast and a future so rich in technological accomplishments and satisfying relationships with clients and colleagues.
Now the business has a life of its own, the work of building has been accomplished, and we can pause for a moment to reflect on what we have learned, what we have gained, and where we are.
Thirty-five years . . . we thank our gods for our health and enthusiasm that sustained us in our daily business and supported our growth year by year, until now when we receive gratifying affirmation of our work from our clients and colleagues.
We thank everyone who helped us grow, nourishing us with their faith, a faith which we continually strive never to betray.
As with every undertaking, there have been dark moments of doubt and risk, in our lives and our work, but the magic of our partnership and our effort have always prevailed.
We have been challenged mentally and economically not simply to maintain our competence but to excel in discovering and adopting technological innovations, enhancements and improvements.
Recently, we have renovated our historic association which was transformed into "Studio Bellandi e Petri srl", a modern corporation named after our office.
We choose to send these greetings and reflections through the powerful Web, the Internet, which provides a vital communication and reaches a wider and more varied audience, overcoming our natural geographical limits.
We do this with a certain presumption and pride, characteristics which have always been our hallmarks - and perhaps the secret to our success.
Those patient readers who have the time are invited to navigate our web site for a more complete exposition of our competences in the high technology world.
Looking to the future, thirty-five years later, what can we say?
We confirm our enthusiasm and commitment to constantly advancing our technological competence and improving our quality of service.
We confide a continued faith in those who have always believed in us, and we will always do our best to deserve their faith in us.
We again express our gratitude to our clients and colleagues, and we hope to re-confirm our commitment to serving them on the occasion of our next decade in business.

Ivano Bellandi, Luigi Petri and our team


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csqSocietà con Sistema Qualità Certificato
Certificato n° 9175.SBEP


Study of engineering and consulting services for technological systems.

Viale A.Marti, 181 - 55100 Lucca (Italy)
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