Sistema Ambiente S.p.A.

Sistema Ambiente S.p.A.

SISTEMA AMBIENTE S.p.A. is both a private and public capital company born from the transformation of Azienda Speciale AMIT Lucca (ex municipal company) according to the Italian low 127/97. Its head office is in Lucca - Località B.go Giannotti, Via delle Tagliate n. 136.

It is about the urban waste collection (non-recyclable, special or huge waste, batteries, expired medicinal, iron, wood, tyres, vegetable oils...) , road cleaning (thanks to both mechanical and manual means).

It works especially in the historical centre where the operators can also use two little cleaning machines.

Just outside the city centre, the cleaning is exclusively made with automatic means.

Its store is located in Nave where the waste is firstly collected for a fallowing disposal, in addition to Ecological stations store positions where the citizens can store their waste.

We managed the system design and the regulations for the fire prevention.

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csqSocietà con Sistema Qualità Certificato
Certificato n° 9175.SBEP


Study of engineering and consulting services for technological systems.

Viale A.Marti, 181 - 55100 Lucca (Italy)
tel. +39 0583 954242 | fax +39 0583 490919

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