CDM Group

CDM Group

CDM group works in the paper sector with a full production cycle, from the production to the transformation until the toilet paper, cooking paper, tissue and napkins differentiate production.

It has acted on European market for many years by means of multichannel providers.

The countries where the group is particularly strong are: Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Poland and Greece.

The production activity comprises trademarks like Pamela and Mypaper and other private labels.

Computer and electronic technology completely guide each producing phase, guaranteeing high quality standards and excellent producing levels.

It consists of plants located in Veneri di Pescia, in Capannori and in Villa Basilica and we manage its system and fire prevention design.

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csqSocietà con Sistema Qualità Certificato
Certificato n° 9175.SBEP


Study of engineering and consulting services for technological systems.

Viale A.Marti, 181 - 55100 Lucca (Italy)
tel. +39 0583 954242 | fax +39 0583 490919

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