Alumi.l s.r.l.

Alumi.l s.r.l.

Alumi.l s.r.l. is part of Group, at present one of the most important companies in the Italian aluminium sector. The Group started in 1973 when the aluminium sector was dominated by the State Industry. Its vertical development assures an integrated production process offer: extrusion, foundry, matrix production, finishing, painting and sublimation.

With more than 500 employees, 150 million Euros sales, a production of 80000 tons per year of aluminium profiles, 8 high capacity presses, many sublimation and paint systems, secondary aluminium ovens, distribution centres in Italy and abroad, is a vital and still increasing group which is very careful about renewing and improving its own offer.

The company started in 1999 and was projected to produce competitive and high quality products, thanks to its extremely flexible structure. Using a 2200 tons capacity press, the production is about 800/900 tons.

Alumi.L has two painting (horizontal and vertical) and a sublimation system, used to have a wood effect finishing that is feather in its cap.

We manage the fire prevention and the system design since its first plant, guaranteeing a full technological functionality and a total law regularity.

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Certificato n° 9175.SBEP


Study of engineering and consulting services for technological systems.

Viale A.Marti, 181 - 55100 Lucca (Italy)
tel. +39 0583 954242 | fax +39 0583 490919

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